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Our Services


     Professional Eye Examinations: Eye care places are all the same? NOT DR. BAO'S!!

     Treatment of Eye Diseases: Dr. Bao treats eye diseases, infections and injuries.

     Optical Services: We carry over 2000 frames, and are here to ensure that you select the best looking, and most comfortable, glasses you'll ever wear.

   Corneal Topography:  New equipment for improved contact lens success

      Contact Lenses: Dr. Bao prescribes all types of contact lenses. We can fit those  others consider unfittable.

     Orthokeratology (Ortho-K, CRT or "Night contact"): 100% of our patients achieved 20/30 vision or better and 90% percent achieved 20/20 or better.

      Partner Optical Lab: We have partnered with several office labs for fast service, the highest quality, and one stop shopping for all your vision needs. This makes emergency glasses a reality! We love to help out patients with special requests and needs.

    Sports Vision: We have your needs, whether they are sports goggles, water sports, snow sports, fishing, football helmet goggles, sports contacts and many others!

      Low Vision Assessment  

      Safety Glasses: These will keep those two precious eyes safe and beautiful.  

Facilities and Equipment
We take care of emergency services and frame repairs.

We have the latest Humphrey 740i visual field machine, technology in the Topcon non-dilating retinal camera.

We also have the Eyemaginations computer software, which allows our doctors to give our patients eyehealth information with the most advanced computer graphics.

Our staff speaks English, Mandarin, Taiwanese and several Indian dialogues,